A Culinary Journey in Shropshire: Exploring the Delights of the Old Vicarage Hotel

In the picturesque countryside of Shropshire, where the rolling hills meet the fertile farmlands, lies the culinary haven of the Old Vicarage Hotel. With 23 years of experience in the industry, Chef Patron - Paul Downes has cultivated a culinary style that beautifully blends classic traditions with a modern twist. In this blog, we delve into Paul's culinary journey, explore the philosophy behind the exquisite menu, and discover how the Old Vicarage Hotel stands out as a unique dining destination.

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Embrace the Magic of Shropshire: Unforgettable Summer Adventures Await

This summer, Shropshire invites you to enter a world where history, natural beauty, and gastronomic delights converge.

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sunday lunch

What is the best meat for a Sunday roast?

Sunday lunch is a traditional family meal often associated with roast and meats. Here we explore some of the best meat options for a delicious and satisfying Sunday lunch.

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Old Vic afternoon tea

King's Coronation Afternoon Tea

Join us on May 6th for afternoon tea fit for Royalty

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Focus on Food at the Old Vicarage Hotel

Rabbit Ballantine, Carrot Textures, and Nasturtium Pesto.

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