The Cosford Aerospace

The Cosford Aerospace

The Museum comprises five collections of International importance:
Research & Development Aircraft

The aircraft of the Museum’s Research and Development Collection embrace many of the important aspects of these developments and show some of the strangest and most exotic aircraft on display anywhere.

The Cold War Museum at Cosford

Above: The Cold War Museum at Cosford

Civil & Military Transport Aircraft

The Royal Air Force Museum at Cosford is home to many retired British Airways airliners and Royal Air Force transport aircraft which tell the fascinating story of passenger carrying by air from the start of transport aviation to the present time. Exhibits in the British Airways Hall trace the history of the national airline from 1919 to the present day.

Missiles & Rockets

The Museum has a remarkable collection of over 50 rockets and missiles, such as the V2 or the more modern Bloodhound.

Aero Engines

Cosford has one of the finest collections of aero engines in Britain. Exhibits from the dawn of aviation to the most modern of jet aircraft chart the quest for increased power. Some of the engines have been sectioned to show their internal working parts while other displays explain the principles of propulsion systems.

War Planes

Spitfire, Hurricane, Mosquito, Liberator and Lincoln; names to thrill and for some, memories to re-awaken.The warplane Collection includes British, North & South American, German and Japanese aircraft from World War II onwards. Alongside mighty post-war bombers and fighters such as Vulcan, Victor and Lightning, which saw service all over the world, they also have examples of more modern day aircraft including a Buccaneer veteran of the Gulf War.

The Cold War Museum

Explore the immense threat posed to World peace and security during this significant period of the 20th century.

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